Interested in becoming a store account?

Do you run a golf shop? Are you interested in carrying some premium Japanese golf gear?

In order to qualify as a shop account you’ll need to own an established store front preferably with certified clubmaking abilities.

We need you to provide the following information for us.

Please copy and paste these questions along with your answers in the message box in the contact form.


1. Company Name:

2. Owners Name:

3. Contact Email:

4. Contact Phone Number:

5. Fax Number:

6. Company website (if you have one):

7. Company Address:

8. Shipping Address (if different from above):

9. Years in business

10. Approximate 2012 Sales:

11. Do you have a retail storefront:

12. Do you sell online:

13. Do you assemble clubs:

14. Are you or is someone at your store a certified club maker:

15. What are currently your best selling brands:

16. Please provide two references (name, company and contact info):


Once we have all your information we will review it and let you know if you qualify.

We will also send you all the info on how the program works including ordering and payment terms.

Thanks again for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!

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We support our shop accounts and customers around the clock with specialists in Japan and North America.

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