• Products:  Iron sets, Wedges
  • Type:  Fully customized, Components & Assembled
  • Budget:  High-end



Create your own personal clubs.  

You get to choose ANYTHING you want:  Engravings, copper underlay, RAW milled faces on brushed satin plated heads, even leading edge & trailing edge relief or custom top line and toe grinds, face progression, etc.


Since ancient times, the Japanese have been famous for sword making.

Being a sword smith brought respect, honor to one’s name. Buchi is named after Japanese club meister Masatoshi Tabuchi who brings the aura of ancient sword making to the art of golf clubs. Like sword making for a samurai, Tabuchi-san strives to make the perfect golf club based on each individual. Art coupled with functionality and performance.

Fully Customizable to the customer’s request

As a golf club meister, Tabuchi-san’s creations are based on the desires and needs of each individual and because of that, no two sets of irons and no two wedges are alike. From the initial forging to, production by hand grinding and polishing, to the final steps including aesthetics and personal touches, Tabuchi-san strives to create the perfect match.  Irons & wedges take about 4-6 weeks depending on what options you choose.

Premium Forged Steel from Himeji

This is what makes Buchi stand out from mass produced products. Premium steel forged in Himeji, Hyogo-ken, where hundreds of years ago, the greatest sword makers in Japanese history originated from. Attention to detail and premium workmanship, Tabuchi-san pledges to put his heart and passion into his creations so that golfers may experience the ultimate satisfaction when it comes to feel and performance on the golf course.





Buchi MT-201 Forged Irons






Buchi MT-202 Forged Iron






Buchi MT-201 Forged Wedge